Sunday, 28 June 2020

1813 Campaign – New Maps

New Map of Germany
I had hoped to be able to fit the new military districts into the existing maps.
But this has not proved possible.   So I have had to make new maps.     

Germany is divided into three campaign areas
These are outlined in white

North Germany – 1st French v Prussian Army
Central Germany – 2nd French v Russian Army
South Germany – 3rd French v Austrian Army

Germany is divided into 9 military regions and 81 military districts.
The 9 regions are outlined in red
Each region has 9 districts
One square is a district, and also a wargames table
New Map of Spain
Spain is divided into two campaign areas
These are outlined in white

North Spain – 4th French army v Spanish Army
South Spain – 5th French army v Anglo-Portuguese Army

Spain is divided into 7 military regions and 63 military districts
Each square on this map is a military district, and also a wargames table
Each military region consists of 9 squares
Old Map of Europe

More Maps to Follow
Germany and Spain are the two most important maps, because that is where the current campaign is fought.  

I will also have to make a new map of Europe.   And before I can do that I will need to make one for France and Italy.    Now that I have worked out the best layout I am hoping that this will not take too long.   

However in the past the biggest problem has been trying to align France with Germany and Spain.  

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