Sunday 27 October 2019

Rosenheim Campaign – Day 10

Campaign Map on 12 October 1813

The retreat of 10th Bavarian corps from Wassenburg has given Schwartzenberg an opportunity to cross the river Isar in the north.

He orders 3rd corps to join 2nd corps at Wasseburg, and rides north to take command.

Oudinot has ordered 10th corps to continue their retreat towards Holzkirchen.   He now orders 9th corps north to join them.   

He expects an attack in the south and remains with 11th and 12th corps

Schwartzenberg has decided to attack

Campaign Notes

Crossing a defended river is always difficult, even with so many bridges.  
It is particularly so now, with all four corps weakened by battle casualties.

The first priority was to reorganise and resupply damaged corps, and that has now been completed.

The withdrawal of the isolated 10th Bavarian corps has given the Austrians an opportunity to cross the northern part of the river.  

I will have to compare the remaining battle casualties of all four corps, and the brigades absent on garrison duty, to decide whether the Austrians are strong enough to attack..  

It is not just total casualties that matter.   If one side has more artillery and cavalry casualties than the other, they will usually adopt a defensive position.   It is very difficult to attack without an advantage in cavalry or artillery.  

I am pleased with the way the campaign is turning out, because we now have two corps in the north and two in the south.  This was not planned, but will almost certainly result in two smaller battles rather than one big one.   And quite possibly a third medium sized battle with the survivors of those two battles.

The Austrian position is completely reversed following their victory at Rosenheim.

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