Saturday, 18 August 2018

End of Visit, End of Campaign

Leon campaign area and battles fought

The family have departed at the end of a very enjoyable summer visit.   The house is quiet as a tomb and there are large piles of towels and sheets waiting for the washing machine.   We try to adjust back to our normal routine.

In the middle of the visit the house is like bedlam.   There seem to be children everywhere, the TV is on full volume showing Shrek but no one is watching.   I long for a bit of peace and quiet.   But now that I have my wish it is impossible to relax, the house is too quiet.

Jan has started on a week long programme of cleaning and washing.   The wargames room is also the utility room.   The wargames table shares space with the washing machine and spin dryer.   I have to climb over he piles waiting for the washing machine to reach the table.

So a quiet wargame is out of the question.

My wargame activity is still restricted to the computer.

Fortunately we managed to complete the final battle of our Leon campaign whilst the family were here.  Even in normal circumstances we prefer to spend an hour or so wargaming at a time.   We were able to fit in quite a few hourly sessions over the past four weeks whilst the family were off on day trips. 

We live inland about an hour from Benidorm, so there are quite a few family attractions within an hour drive.   Even on hot summer days places like Mundomar, Terra Natura and the water park at Aqua Natura attract the younger members.   For the evening Calpe with its long beach is less than half an hour.

As a result we managed to complete the sixth and final battle of our Leon campaign.  With the end of a campaign phase there is a lot of work recording the details of the campaign and updating the records.   It is a task ideally suited to my present circumstances.

Within a week or so the house should be returned to normal and us to our much loved routine.

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