Sunday, 15 October 2017

Start of Linares Campaign

Linares Campaign Map

I am trying out a new type of map for this campaign.  I will use this new style to plot campaign movement and also for the campaign diary blog.  But there is also an old style map with square numbers to transfer the battle to the wargames table.

This is the fifth phase of the campaign in Southern Spain.   The French objective is to move south and capture Saville.   The French have won two of the previous phases, the Spanish the other two.   This would imply that both armies are equal, but in fact the French were quite superior in ability.  The phase results are due to the Spanish having better luck at critical dice throws.

I am still trying to get the balance right between the two armies.  So once more there will be major changes in the orders of battle.

The French have 16 infantry brigades, 4 cavalry brigades and 4 corps artillery.  Half of the infantry are C class.

The Spanish have 26 infantry brigades, 2 cavalry brigades and 4 corps artillery.   There are 14 regular infantry brigades, but 10 of them are C class.   There are 12 militia brigades, all are C class and are independent of the regular army.
For this campaign I am trying to increase the influence of the Spanish irregular troops.   The Spanish outnumber the French in infantry, but half are militia garrison troops.   When a city or town is captured by the French the militia garrison take to the hills and become a guerrilla band.   But they must remain close to their original garrison town.

Guerrilla attacks on isolated garrisons or supply trains are decided by a single dice throw.   They need a 6 to rout a garrison or capture supplies.  However there will be at least six bands operational and each can attack every two or three days.   

The introduction to the campaign is now on the campaign diary blog.  It includes a history of the Spanish in southern Spain, all of the campaign maps and photos of both armies.

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