Sunday, 19 February 2017

1813 Campaign - Role of Spanish Militia and Guerrilla

The next campaign phase will be set in Southern Spain, and in preparation I have rewritten the campaign rules for militia and guerrilla.

Since we started the campaign the Spanish corps have been similar in size and composition to the French corps.   Usually four infantry brigades, one cavalry brigade and corps artillery.  However a higher proportion of the Spanish brigades were conscript and have lower morale, firing and skirmish ability.   In addition the Spanish have four militia brigades who form the garrison of each town.   If the town is captured by the French these militia become guerrilla.   To balance this I allowed the French one extra conscript brigade per corps to provide their garrisons.

For the next campaign the Spanish army have been reorganised.   Two of the four corps will have four infantry brigades, one cavalry brigade and corps artillery.  The other two will have three infantry brigades and corps artillery, but no cavalry.

To compensate the number of militia brigades have been increased from four to nine.

The campaign rules for militia and guerrilla have been completely rewritten.   First, and most important, battle casualties will not be replaced for either.   Each 10% casualty reduces morale, firing and skirmish dice roll by one.

Second guerrilla carry a maximum of three days supplies, the French can carry four.

Third their effectiveness have been reduced for the four guerrilla activities.   These are observing the enemy, attack messengers, ambush supply columns and attack garrisons.

It is always difficult to predict how much a difference major changes like this will make, and only experience on the wargames table will prove whether I have made the Spanish too weak.

If you would like to read the full campaign rules you will find them here.   Click on Label 8 (top right) for the militia and guerrilla rules.

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