Sunday, 27 November 2016

New Campaign Maps

Eisenbach Tactical Map

This is the map which we use in the current campaign.

There are three squares between towns/cities.   This is one day’s movement on road for infantry, artillery and supply vehicles.   Depots can only be established in a town/city, and to resupply a corps must be within three squares of a depot.  Using this map an army can remain within supply distance providing that they move their depot from town/city as they advance.

A wargames table is also three squares by three squares.   Therefore one town/city will always be included in each battle.  There is a tendency for defending armies to put a corps in a town/city, giving it a big advantage over an attacking army.
Erlangen Tactical Map
This is the tactical map for our next campaign.  

At first sight it looks very similar to the Eisenbach map.   But you will note that there are now four squares east to west between towns/cities.   This will make it easier for attack armies to manoeuvre without having to attack a defended town/city.

It will also make it much more difficult to resupply an attacking army.   They will have to move outside resupply range of their depot in order to attack the enemy.   This make it even more necessary to stockpile and to ensure an attacking corps is fully supplies before they advance out of resupply range.

No doubt unexpected problems will arise once we start using the new map.

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