Saturday, 30 January 2016

Tactical Map for Solo Campaign

The tactical map for the solo campaign is slightly larger than the one for the PBEM campaign.   The new one is twelve squares wide by nine squares deep.   The PBEM map was nine by nine squares.   This is to show four major cities, the left and right being the French and Allied main depots.   Nine squares (three by three) will still be a wargames table.   Each square still represents one of my two by two foot scenic squares.

In the PBEM campaign each commander started at in the left or right line of squares.   The campaign objective, always a city, was in the middle of the map.   Each commander could reach the objective at the same time, should they both race for it.   Neither started the campaign with any disadvantage.

This often resulted in both racing to take the objective, and the resulting campaign in a series of battles to take or hold the objective.   Consequently we had a lot of wargames involving one side attacking a defended city.   The campaign was usually decided by which side had suffered the most attrition (battle casualties) and fought the wargame with the most casualties.

With the wider map there is no city in the centre.   Instead there are two outer cities, which will be the respective main depots.   And two inner cities, which will be fought over.  

Being a solo campaign one side will be on the defensive, and have orders to hold the objective.   The other will have orders to attack, and will determine the shape of the campaign.   I will command both, but the initiative will always lie with the attacker.

For this particular phase of the campaign the campaign objective will be to take and hold the river Weser.  

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