Sunday, 17 January 2016

New Solo 1813 Campaign

I have finally started work on the new campaign.

It is a continuation of the PBEM campaign, but redesigned for solo play.

The background is similar to the historical campaign in that there is an armistice to allow both the French and allies to regroup having fought 58 battles.   The French won 25, and four were a draw.   So both now ready for a rest and reorganisation.

In addition the French are faced with a War of Liberation in Germany.   This forces them to abandon many of their gains and retreat to Westphalia to reorganise. 

The Austrians have moved their army north to join the Prussians and Russians, again based on the historical campaign.

So the new campaign will start with the following deployment

North Germany - 1 French (Hannover) v Prussian (Brunswick)
Central Germany - 2 French (Kassel) v Russian (Gotha)
South Germany - 3 French (Darmstadt) v Austrian (Bamberg)
North Spain - 4 French (Zamora) v British (Oporto)
South Spain - 5 French (Aranjeuz) v Spanish (Toledo)

These are the same five campaign areas used in the PBEM campaign.   But in the solo campaign I will be gaming one area at a time.

The first will be Napoleon v Blucher in north Germany.   I am now working on the strategic map for this campaign.

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