Sunday, 6 December 2015

1813 PBEM Campaign

I had expected that I would be able to complete the PBEM campaign by Christmas, and start the proposed solo campaign in January.    But the PBEM campaign is still going strong.

We are currently wargaming what will be the final battle in one of the two remaining campaign areas.    Wellington is trying to hold Zamora with one corps (including the light division) against two French corps.   Being a wargame the outcome is unlikely to be good news for the British.

That leaves just Southern Germany, where the French hold the campaign objective of Stuttgart.   If they can hold it for two more days they will win the campaign.   The Austrians are preparing to attack, but not yet in position.   So it is very unlikely that the final battle in this area will be fought before January.

Then there is the campaign diary blog to complete.  When the campaign had five campaign areas there was one entry for each area each week, plus the battle reports.   It was important to maintain a gap between the map campaign and the diary, to ensure that no important information was leaked.   So the diary is at least two campaign days behind the map campaign.

At present there are twenty blog entry to publish, which even without the Christmas break would be almost a month.

So it looks like the campaign will continue into the New Year.

I don’t really mind, I want to finish it off properly as it will remain as a record of the campaign.

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