Sunday, 18 October 2015

Campaign Map of Europe

My latest project is to make new maps for the campaign.

Map making has never been my strongest ability, though using Profantasy to produce the maps helps.   I have always used a AA Road Atlas of Europe to plan my maps.   I drew a grid over the maps each square representing one days march.   This was then the basis for all the subsequent maps.

However the maps themselves had to be hand drawn, using Profantasy.  And I have always been poor at drawing.  I am ok with the straight lines, but lack any artistic skills at all.

So distances on my existing maps are more or less correct.   This leaves large areas not suitable for campaigning, and thus unnecessary for a campaign map.

So I am now making maps designed for the campaign. 

The map above is the grand strategic map for the campaign.   Each square is a campaign area. 

In the campaign each square will provide a mini campaign, similar in scope to the Waterloo campaign.

The map is not very pretty, but it is very practical.

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