Saturday, 26 September 2015

Fun Wargame

For the first time in many years our PBEM campaign has failed to provide us with a battle to wargame.  

This is partly due to starting a couple of new phases, which are always quiet for the first few days.   In addition a couple of commanders are following a cautious campaign strategy.   Nothing wrong with that, but it does not provide a lot of battles.

We had some friend’s visit last week, who are curious about our wargaming.   So we wanted to have a large game on the table to demonstrate.  We wanted something they would have some knowledge of, so we choose Waterloo.  

It was not an attempt to refight the historical battle.   Our table squares are not designed for any particular battle.  Our model soldiers are organised for the campaign.   So we are not really able to refight historical battles.

However I laid the table to resemble Waterloo.   On the left is a walled farm to represent Hougoumont, a similar model in the centre for La Haye Sainte and a village on the right for Papelotte/Smohain

More important was the red coated British infantry (supported by Portuguese in place of Dutch) commanded by the familiar figure of Wellington.  And opposite the French horde with their familiar Old Guard and the famous grey coat of Napoleon.

I would not want to defend the terrain as being Waterloo at a wargames show, but it was close enough.   They recognised Wellington and Napoleon and has at least heard of Waterloo.

The setup also gave us an opportunity to fight a one off fun wargame, which we both enjoyed.   We had to clear the table before the natural end of the wargame, because the campaign had produced a “real” battle for us to wargame. 

But it was good fun whilst it lasted.

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