Saturday, 11 July 2015

New Tactical Maps for 1813 Campaign

Brunswick Tactical Map with square grid

I have had a busy week working on the new campaign maps.

I want to convert all of the tactical maps from a square grid to a hex grid.   This will allow the campaign commanders much more flexible movement options.  In place of the four sides of each square to move through, there will be the five sides of a hex grid.

In order to transfer it from the map to the wargames table I will still need a square grid map, as each square shows the exact terrain on the wargames table.   This will mean making two maps for each campaign area.

To start I upgraded the existing square grid maps.   I am always working out better configurations for the table layout.   Previously I just tried to make them look more interesting for the campaign commanders.  But with the hex map this is no longer necessary.

My current favourite configuration is one town or city and four farms or villages.   This will leave four squares for hills, woods etc.   This will be the basic table layout.   If there is a river it will affect the number of farms or villages.  If it is hilly or wooded terrain it will also affect the number of farms or villages.

As I convert the existing tactical maps the location of the city and eight towns remain the same.   As does the position of each river.   I plot these on the standard map.   If the area is particularly hilly or wooded I also plot that.  

Brunswick is in the hilly and wooded terrain of the Harz mountains.   So this particular map (above) has a lot of hilly squares. 

On the current square maps it is a little difficult to comprehend the open areas and possible movement routes.

Brunswick Tactical Map with hex grid

This is the same area using the new hex map.

The green squares are difficult terrain, either hills or woods.
The clear squares may have minor terrain, such as small woods
But they are clear enough to allow unhindered movement.

I have found that most campaign commanders do not really plan their proposed battle area.  Indeed many battles are unplanned, with all available corps marching to the sound of the guns.   So I do not think many players will miss the more detailed square maps.   I will send them a copy anyway, so they can use the more detailed maps if they wish.

I have already sent out the replacement tactical maps, both square and hex.   I will be using them from the end of the current move.

It will be interesting to see if anyone prefers, or dislikes, them enough to comment

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