Saturday 9 May 2015

Wargames Building Project

Step 1 – building, tower, windows and doors

Jan has completed stage one and two of the replacement building project.   The aim is to supplement our bought buildings with scratch built ones.   We have a range of Northern European and Spanish buildings, mostly Hovels.   All are 20mm, and many are too large for our redesigned cities, towns and villages.

Step 2 – small church assembled

There are four basic types of buildings.   Town houses and village houses for Northern Europe and for Spain.  We need a large church and 12 town houses for a city, a small church and 6 houses for a town and four houses for a village.

Step 3 – covered in pollyfilla and ready to paint

We have all the town and villages houses we need for both Northern Europe and Spain.   We also have two walled farms for each area.   Now Jan has started work on the “one off” type buildings.   We use a large Hovels church for the two cities, but we need d smaller church for towns both north and south.   This is the small church for towns in Northern Europe. 

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