Saturday, 18 April 2015

1813 Campaign Command Vacancy

In mid February I started the new PBEM campaign.   It is very similar to the previous 1814 campaign, but covers five geographical areas instead of six.

Since then I have been transferring players from the earlier campaign as and when a phase is completed.   I would rather have just closed the 1814 campaign, but quite understandably most players wanted to complete their current role.   About half transferred to the new campaign, the remainder resigned at the end of their phase.

I have managed to fill all of the campaign commands, except for one.  I need a player to take on the role of General Giron, commander of the Spanish Army.

If anyone would like to know more, they should follow this line to the Campaign Diary Blog, and then select Labels 01, 02 and 15.

To take part in the campaign you would need to join the Yahoo campaign forum, which is a notice board and discussion area for the campaign.   You will find it here]

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