Sunday 8 February 2015

Working on the new campaign

Strategic Map for Southern Germany

I mentioned last week that I might start a new campaign.  

On Monday one of the six areas in my current campaign came to a natural conclusion.    The French commander accepted defeat, leaving the Austrians the victors.

Rather than start another phase of the 1814 campaign, I have decided to use this opportunity to test the new campaign.   If it works ok I will transfer each of the remaining five areas as the current phase comes to an end.

As a result I have been busy working on maps all week.    Above is the strategic map for Southern Germany.   The red road follows the course of the campaign between Vienna and Strasbourg.

There are nine cities on the map, and each one will be one phase of the campaign.   The first will be Augsburg, and the white outline shows the area to be covered by the tactical map.

The tactical map, which is used for the campaign movement, will cover the three centre cities.   That is Ulm, Augsburg and Munich.   The task for next week is to complete the tactical map.

Meanwhile the 1814 campaign continues, and I have to fit in work on the new campaign around updating the main campaign.   It is still producing battles to wargame, though we have finally cleared the large backlog which we faced in January.

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