Sunday, 20 July 2014

New Campaign Strategic Map

Strategic Campaign Map for 28 March 1814

This is the new campaign map showing France and part of Spain.   It covers the whole area of the PBEM 1814 campaign.   The oblongs in white are the six campaign areas, with the armies shown as coloured squares.

The top oblong shows the area covered by the Roermond campaign phase.   This is the area where the Prussian army has invaded France and First French army are trying to stop them.
The star indicated that a battle has taken place.    Each square is 15 miles square, or one days march

For some time I have been trying to find a way to give the twelve army commanders an overview of the whole campaign.    This is not vital in order to take part in the campaign, and some may not be at all interested.   However I wanted those who are interested to be able to see how their campaign area fits into the whole and what is currently happening in other parts of the campaign area.

Each campaign day I post a campaign summary.  This consists of the master tactical map for each of the six campaign areas.   It shows the location of each of the corps, plus depots and any combats.   It is normally posted too late to give away any secrets.

Tactical Map of Roermond area for 28 March 1814

The Tactical Map is three by three squares on the Strategic Map.   Each square is 5 miles square, so there are three squares on this map for each square on the larger Strategic Map.   This map shows the location of all corps at midnight on 28 March 1814.   Again the star indicated that a battle has taken placed.   Each square on this map is identical to a 2 foot square scenic square on the wargames table.

The campaign diary was published on the campaign diary blog on 11 June 2014.   By that date all campaign orders had been received for 30 March 1814, and the umpire report issued.   So it is unlikely that any information could be gained from the map which was not out of date.

I have added the Strategic Map to all of the 27 previous campaign diary entries, so it is now possible to follow the history of the whole campaign, as well as the individual campaign areas.

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