Sunday 27 April 2014

Hidden movement

Start of game using cards for hidden movement

In the past we have used card to provide hidden movement.
Each side would one card per corps, plus one or two extra
When the cards approached each other each side would dice to “see” the other side
If successful the other side would replace the card with figures
Or alternatively disclose that there they were a “blank”
This method allowed us to hide the early stages of a wargame from each other
It also speeded up the early deployment

When we started the PBEM campaign we stopped using this hidden movement
We wanted to make it easier for the players to follow the battle report

However we found that having figures on the table from the start had disadvantages
It allowed us to react to what the other was doing.
We tried to make this difficult by having deployment orders
But it was still possible to ensure that cavalry were placed to counter the enemy cavalry
Artillery was positioned in answer to the approaching infantry formations

So we have decided to introduce a simplified system of hidden movement.

French cavalry have advanced from the blind and spotted four of the six Austrian blinds

Two were corps, which are now on the table, two more were “blinds”  now removed

At the start of the wargame both armies will always be at least 24” apart.
Each player will have one blank card for each corps, plus two spares
The two spares, called “blanks”, will be used to hide actual deployment and create fog of war

Each card will be 1.5” by 12”
1.5” is the width of a road, and will represent corps moving in column of march
12” will represent corps deployed.

Each player will place their cards on the table
Those cards representing a corps will have to be placed on the appropriate square
Those cards representing a “blank” may be placed anywhere on the table

When corps arrive as reinforcements, and are not on the table at the start of the game, the player may either use his two “blanks” at the start of the game, or when the reinforcements arrive.

Cavalry may be detached from the card to recce the enemy
Such cavalry can of course be countered by the enemy cavalry

Infantry may be detached to form garrisons of BUA or woods

Apart from that all other brigades must remain on the card
No artillery is allowed to fire at, or from, the card

At any time a player can opt to replace the card with figures
They can then move as normal within the existing rules.

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