Sunday 14 July 2013

1814 – Three Battles in Three Days

Three battles in northern France

The purpose of my PBEM campaign is to produce wargames for Jan and I to fight, and it has not let us down.

We have completed three campaign days and they have produced three battles for us to wargame.

We hoped to achieve one campaign day per week, and have managed to keep to that target.  Not bad going as there are twelve sets of orders to process each campaign day, six maps to update and twelve sets of reports to send back to the players. 

In addition we have had to fight a wargame for each week, and also managed to complete them on time.

To be fair they were not very complicated wargames.

Most of the army commanders are struggling with the new campaign system, which puts a lot more decision making on their shoulders.   Some are very cautious, some very rash.   The battles have been produced by the latter.

 Battle of Strasbourg

All were one corps against one corps.   On the wargames table this translates to 32 infantry, four cavalry and one gun.  It is not long before one side starts to lose the battle, and it then becomes a pretty one sided wargame.   So we have managed to complete each wargame in less than the full twelve moves.

Next weekend our son arrives with his family for their annual two weeks in the sun.   The grandchildren are 6 and 3.   So I doubt we will have much time for wargame campaigns and fighting battles.   They take over the house and we try to keep out of the way, whilst preparing meals and performing nightly babysitting duties.  

We do have the occasional break when they all go off to the beach for the day.   Usually we just flop with a cup of coffee, or watch an hour’s TV.   But we might just get in an hour’s Wargaming or spend an hour updating the campaign.

It’s lovely when they come, but it’s quite nice when they go home as well!

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