Sunday, 19 May 2013

1813 Campaign – Where Next

 1813 Campaign Areas

As with most things, this campaign has grown and changed considerably since I started it in July 2009.

The aim has remained the same.   To provide good wargames for Jan and I to play.   The general concept has also remained the same.  I have not painted a single figure, nor built one piece of scenery, in all of that time.   Our whole effort has gone into the actual Wargaming, and running the campaign.

The campaign itself has changed greatly.   Most important was making it PBEM rather than Solo.   Had I not done so I am quite sure that I would have lost interest by now.   Adjusting to the needs of the constantly changing corps commanders has made me review the campaign again and again.  

I have changed the maps.  The first maps were all hand drawn, and drawing has never been one of my strong points.   Discovering ProFantasy CC3 allowed me to make the maps on the computer.   But the principle of each map square looking the same as one scenery square on the wargames table has remained the same.

As you can see from the map above, the campaign is divided into five campaign areas, three in Germany and two in Spain.   Each has a different French and Allied army, so all of my collection of model soldiers is used on a rotating basis.

We have now played ten mini campaigns, two in each campaign area.   The French have lost time and again in Germany, and are retreating towards the river Rhine.   They have had mixed fortunes in Spain.

I have started work on a map of France, and am now considering whether to end the 1813 Campaign in Germany and move on to the 1814 Campaign in France.   But we have only reached mid September 1813, and I am tempted to fight another three mini campaigns in Germany, and two more in Spain.

Northern Germany is the problem.   The Prussians won the last mini campaign and took Hanover.   Fortunately the French retreated north.  So it looks like the next phase will be the Hamburg Campaign.

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