Friday, 19 October 2012

Commanders Wanted for New PBEM Campaign in Spain

Burgos Campaign Area

I need six corps commanders for my new PBEM campaign which is set in north west Spain.

This will be the ninth phase of my long running fictional 1813 campaign

There are three French and three Anglo Spanish commands.  

The objective is to achieve one campaign day per week.   Players will receive an updated map showing their current locations, any enemy located, their current supply status and a current order of battle each Sunday.  They will be required to submit their orders by Wednesday evening.   There will be three campaign moves per campaign day and the umpire will notify them of any contact by email.  They will have 24 hours to reply, and if none received their corps will carry on with their current orders.

There will be a campaign diary and an entry will be published for each campaign move.   This will not affect the “fog of war”, but it will provide a summary of what is happening in the campaign.  It is intended that there will be three diary entries each week.   The objective of the campaign diary is to provide a permanent record of the campaign and also to maintain player interest.

Minor contacts will be handled by the umpire, and the result notified to the players concerned.   When there is a major battle it will be fought as a wargame by my wife and I.  Wargames can take up to two weeks, but a full battle report will be published in the campaign diary.

The new campaign diary has a short summary of the main campaign and also the previous eight phases.  It also has all of the maps used in the campaign and photographs of the six corps.   You can find the diary here:

If you would like to apply for one of the commands you will need to join the Campaign Forum.  This is a sort of notice board for the campaign.   I notify members of any changes to the campaign here, and they can raise any questions or queries regarding the campaign.   You will find the forum here:

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