Thursday 26 April 2012

Larger corps for next campaign

  Current French Corps

When I started the 1813 campaign it was designed to have four small corps in each campaign area.   As a solo campaign I could move them so as to provide the size of battle I wanted to fight as a wargame.  
Four corps would fit the table nicely, and would provide one corps for each 2x2 foot scenic square, plus one in reserve.  This would allow the player to decide which part of the table to commit their reserve.  
It worked well until I converted the campaign to PBEM.   I allocated one of the corps to each player, and tried to get them to concentrate by taking the role of CinC.  However it soon became obvious that they would avoid concentration if possible, in favour of doing their own thing.
The result was a string of single corps v corps battles - each with 32 infantry, 4 cavalry and one gun.   There were a few larger battles, but usually two per side, never four.  

  New Second French Corps

I want to have larger wargames to make full use of the table and the figures I have on the shelves.   So I have decided to increase the size of each corps.   A corps will have three divisions of 32 infantry, 8 cavalry and one gun each.   Each division will be similar to the old corps, except that the cavalry have been doubled.

  3rd French division

The three divisions will have the same strength, but will be very different in fighting ability.   One will be good quality, one average and one poor.  So the player who is prepared to put some thought into the campaign will be rewarded if he can bring his best division to bear against his opponent’s poor one.

  4th French Division

Only one division will be allowed to occupy each tactical square, which is the same as one scenic square on the table.  Movement will not be restricted to the roads, but there will be increased movement is they do, and reduced if they do not.   With a little thought it will be quite easy to concentrate all three corps.   There will be the choice of moving into battle one behind the other, three side by side or two forward and one in reserve.   Again the player who plans ahead can gain real tactical advantage.

14th Westphalian Division
There will be four corps to each army, but only three players per side.   The fourth corps will be controlled by me as CinC and fed into the campaign to support an attack, or cover a retreat.   One division will be allocated to a corps to achieve this.  This support will not make them too powerful, but will add a little extra for a critical attack or a desperate last stand.

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