Thursday, 19 April 2012

Tactical Map for Gera PBEM Campaign

This is the map which will be used for campaign movement

It covers the same area as the four squares east to west of Gera and three squares north to south on the campaign strategic map.   On that map each square was 15 miles, on this one each square is 5 miles.   The square references have also been changed, and these are used when writing orders in the campaign.

For the first time the minor roads (in brown) have been shown, plus minor terrain such as villages and farms.   This map shows exactly what the players can expect to find on the wargames table.

The detail on this map is exactly what will appear on the wargames table, so players can choose good defensive positions, or good open ground if they have a cavalry advantage.

It also allows them to choose a concentration area in advance, and to calculate how long it will take for each division to reach that square.   This can be a dramatic tactical advantage and provide a nasty surprise for the enemy when supports arrive from an unexpected direction.

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