Friday 30 March 2012

Campaign Command Vacancy

I have a command vacancy for one of my French corps. This corps will play a vital role for the remainder of this campaign, and I would rather not have to command it myself.

The campaign has been running for four months,so the new commander will have to be briefed on the current situation. The corps is coming to the end of a quiet period, and is likely to play a very important part in the remainder of the campaign

There have been three players for this corps over the past eight weeks, and all have withdrawn from the campaign due to “pressure of work”. This might be true in one case, but it’s unlikely that all three suddenly came under more pressure at work within weeks of joining the campaign! More likely that the role was not what they expected.

There have been six drop outs since Christmas. That compares with just two in all of last year. Some have had really good reasons, some have given none, and the remainder were “pressure of work”. I have written to all to ask if they found the campaign difficult, or if the 48 hour turn around on orders was a problem.

It’s a lot of work to take up a command in the middle of the campaign, both for me to brief and for the new player to take it all in. It may be that it requires a greater commitment than some of the new players realised.

Meanwhile I am looking for another corps commander.

Anyone wishing to join should be aware that they will be required to reply to my email within 48 hours, or let me know that they are unable to do so. They will be asked to write once or twice a week, but there will be gaps of up to two weeks when a battle is being fought. I estimate that it should not take more than half an hour to write these orders. I send an umpire update at the end of the previous move, so all that the player has to do is update his previous order.

So only apply to join if you are prepared to make the required commitment.

If anyone would like to know more just contact me.


  1. I have previously applied for a command or staff position but never heard back. I would like the job if a vacancy exists? Please advise - I would like a confirmation either way. Thank you,

  2. My email is steven.whitesell AT gmail

  3. I'm available. Would the old orders be available so I could see the flavour of the game?

  4. Hi David

    Could you send me a contact email so that I can send you details about the campaign.

    I will not show your email address on the blog

    I want to make sure that any new members really understand what they are commiting to



  5. Hi Steven

    I am sorry that I did not answer your earlier post. I do not seem to have received it.

    I have not published your last one, because it had your email address on it.

    I have tried to send you an email with details about the command vacancy, but I could not send it.

    Could you please send me an email at and I will reply direct.




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