Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Battle of Miravat

Battle of Miravat - end of game

Despite my worries about how the game would work, it turned out to be another enjoyable wargame.
The rules worked well, both for Spanish in general and also the new command and control amendments.
It was a shorter game than usual, only 8 moves instead of the usual 12. This was because it started at midday in the campaign rather than first thing in the morning. Consequently we had to play an extra move to allow the French to complete their attack on the Spanish.
Both sides were equal in types and numbers, so I would have been worried had it not resulted in a French victory. But it was not a walk over, and the French suffered light casualties. Had the game gone for the full 12 moves it would have destroyed the Spanish. And again this is what I would have expected.
The Spanish player was somewhat rash to accept a battle on these terms. And the result is what most would expect. But I am really pleased that the Spanish were able to put up a fight before the expected conclusion.
Just one more battle to fight before we get back to the campaign proper.
It is another 8 move game, but completely different from Miravat. Again both sides are equal in infantry, cavalry and artillery. This time it is an encounter battle, so a lot will depend on who moves first.
These three games are very different, and will give the new command and control rules a good test.

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