Thursday, 19 May 2011

Game Cancelled

Sorauren and Cole’s Ridge
I was expecting to have a good wargame this weekend with Paul from Calisparra. He had arranged to visit us with his wife for a long weekend, and the highlight would be a wargame based on Sorauren, the latest in my “Wellington’s Battles” series. Yesterday his wife rang to cancel as he is ill.
The game can wait, as can the visit. The important thing is for him to get well again. But I must admit to being just a little disappointed. The table is all set, and each time I pass it I am reminded that the weekend is cancelled.
We heard from them again today, and he is feeling a little better. The visit is rescheduled for two weeks.
The weather today has matched my mood, grey and light rain. It’s silly really, because Jan and I can fight the wargame over the weekend if the weather continues to be miserable. But Paul always provides a different sort of challenge, and I was looking forward to what promised to be a very enjoyable wargame.

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