Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Finished Walking Napoleonic Battlefields

My wife and I have two main interests, Napoleonic history and hill walking. In 1971 we decided to spend our summer holiday visiting the battlefield of Waterloo. I remember it as one of those holidays when the sun is always shining and you enjoy every moment. It was to be the first of many enjoyable holidays spent walking and exploring Napoleonic battlefields.
On 9 April 2009 I started a blog to record those visits, and I started with our visit to Waterloo. I wanted to create a personal diary of our walks, which I hoped would also be of general interest. Particularly for anyone interested in visiting Napoleonic battlefields.
When I started I realised that we had visited quite a few battlefields, but I did not appreciate how many until I started researching for the blog. Over the years I have kept a scrapbook/photograph album of each visit, and they formed the basis of each blog.
I wanted to be able to refer back to each walk, so I have created an index of the walks. Each holiday has its own blog. There are nine Blogs:
Walking Napoleonic Battlefields
Waterloo 1971
Spain and Portugal 1991
Northern Spain 1994
The Pyrenees 1996
Austerlitz 1998
Germany 1999
Italy 2000
Aspern/Austerlitz 2002
There are 90 blog entries in total, each one covering a different walk. Some are return visits to a particularly interesting battlefield.
At a rate of one blog per week it has taken just over two years to complete the exercise.
The first blog, Walking Napoleonic Battlefields, is a summary of the other Blogs. It also contains a link to each one. You can find it at


It is almost ten years since our last battlefield holiday.
We are now living in Spain, and we still walk regularly.
I often think it would be nice to explore the battlefields of eastern Spain, but it would require a lot of research. Then I think it would be nice to visit Russia and Borodino. Or perhaps return to Italy and the battlefields we missed last time. So this may not be The End.

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