Wednesday, 2 March 2011

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nightfall at Marienborn
Just finished the battle of Marienborn, the second battle of the Hanover Campaign. Actually its been more a skirmish at Marienborn, than a battle. It was a contact battle, where each side starts as the edge of the table and march to the town in the centre. They entered the table at 1200, which translates as 8 game moves. So there was not sufficient time for a battle to develop. Both sides made a dash for the town, followed by four moves of pretty inconclusive skirmishing. So not one of the most exciting battle reports to read!
It has been almost a month since the last campaign move resulted in two battles/wargames. It is a long break between writing orders, but I have posted a battle report in the form of one move per day to keep the interest going.
There has been a lot of correspondence both by email and on the Campaign Forum about command and control, and the interface between campaign orders and playing the wargames. I am always a little apprehensive when the correspondence becomes heated. Previous experience of online forum has taught me that exchanges can easily get out of h and. It’s very easy to give offence without meaning to, or to read the wrong meaning into an innocent remark. So it was a great relief that we seem to have come through this latest exchange without any casualties. Indeed I have found the suggestions to be very constructive and helpful.
I try to keep the exchange of views on the Campaign Forum, rather than by private email. That way everyone gets to read everything that is said or agreed. Otherwise I forget what who knows what. Email to clarify something which only affects one corps is fine, and indeed would not be suitable for the forum. But anything which would have an effect on the campaign as a whole has to go on the forum. It’s strange that subjects that I think are very important do not receive much response, whilst some that are not important seem to do so. And of course it is quite possible that some players find the posts interesting, but do not have anything to add.
It’s becoming obvious that I am not going to be able to keep everyone happy all the time. If somebody feels something is important enough to question, then I do give it serious consideration. But I also have to keep in mind the objectives of the campaign, and that there are ten players to consider.
With the end of the battles/wargames I contacted the two CinC for their orders for 25 July. A lot has happened during 24 July, and I was quite expecting a long delay whilst they read the reports from corps commanders and COS. So I was pleasantly surprised to receive one set this morning, and have been promised the other side by tonight.
I have also been pleased with the support for the campaign from all of the recent comments, both on the forum and by private email. The PBEM is working so much better than I dared hope, and it’s really nice to hear that the players are enjoying it as much as I am.

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