Tuesday, 15 March 2011

New Campaign Maps

It’s been a very busy few days as I worked on the new PBEM campaign.
I have rewritten the campaign rules, and put them in the files section of the Campaign Forum. I have had a good response from the members, and that has kept me busy, both replying to them and amending the rules.
I have also had to make new maps for the campaign. Whilst the previous campaign was in progress I started work on the main campaign map for northern Europe. The previous ones were very much a first draft, and having used them for two years I was ready to make some major changes. In particular I wanted to improve the road system, to help channel movement.
Northern Europe map
This is the master map for the whole 1813 campaign in northern Europe. It covers an area 480x480 miles, and each square is 15 miles. It’s fine for working on, as I can enlarge any part to work on. But on the blog it is not possible to read the detail
North Germany map
So next came a larger scale (or is it smaller scale?) map of each of the three campaign areas. These cover an area 270x195 miles, and again each square is 15 miles. These maps are designed for use on the blog, and for me to work on strategic planning.
Hanover Strategic map
For use in the PBEM campaign I required an even smaller area, similar in size to the Waterloo campaign. This one is for the current Hanover campaign. It covers an area 135x75 miles and is used on the campaign diary blog to plot campaign movement without giving the players too much information
Hanover Tactical map
And finally a new map for the corps commanders to use. This is smaller than the previous one. It covers an area 60x60 miles, and will be used for the tactical movement. It’s not a very pretty map, but it is a very practical one. It’s really a rolling wargames table, and the players can see in advance exactly what the battlefield will look like.

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