Monday, 13 September 2010

Walking Napoleonic Battlefields

Burgos Castle 1995

I have just finished the blog on Walking Austerlitz.

This was our first visit to Austerlitz and was also our first tour with Midas Battlefield Tours.

It was a four day visit in September 1998, and it rained most of that time. Being a group of "Brits" we were all very stoic and "soldiered on". It sounds quite miserable, but in fact was very enjoyable despite the weather.

Writing up the blog is a little like looking at old photographs albumns, its very nostalgic. Looking through the photos and reading the diaries brings it all back. Not only the damp clothes and muddy boots, but also the good company and the excitement of walking over the very ground where Napoleon fought this historic battle.

This is the sixth of the series. Previous ones have been Waterloo, Spain and Portugal with Holts, Spain and Portugal on our own, Northern Spain and The Pyrenees.

I started the blog in April 2009, and have done an entry covering one battlefield pretty well every week since then. It became such a big job that I started a seperate blog for each tour and a central blog as an index to each walk.

And there is lots still to come. Next is Walking Northern Europe, which will include Jena, Auerstadt, Dresden, Bautzen, Lutzen and Leipzig. This will be followed by walking in Italy and southern Germany.

So if you are interested in exploring Napoleonic Battlefields make a note of the central blog, which contains links to all of the walks.

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