Thursday, 2 September 2010

New Tarragona Campaign

Spain May 1813

The new 1813 campaign diary is coming along well.

I have just completed the first phase, which is the Magdeburg campaign. I am really pleased with the new maps and I think it makes the diary look a lot better and easier to read.

I have just started on the Tarragona campaign, which is phase two of the 1813 campaign.

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But most of this week has been devoted to preparing for the PBEM play test campaign with Carlos.

He lives in Manilla and I live in Spain, a difference in time zone of 8 hours. There is a lot to agree, and that means a lot of emails. Unfortunately both of us are asleep at different times during the 24 hour day. And whilst I have little to distract me during my waking hours, I expect he may well " have a life".

Its proving quite a challenge to get agreement on all of the details. I am learning not to put more than one point in each email. If I try to cover two or three, quite often one gets answered and the others overlooked.

We have produced drafts of the orders of battle, campaign brief and campaign rules for the play test campaign. There are only a few points left to be agreed, and I have high hopes that we may be able to start the campaign soon.

Once the campaign starts I intend to start a Yahoo forum to exchange ideas and suggestions on the campaign rules and how the campaign system is working. This will be open to anyone, not just the players. I will post a link once it is up and running.

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