Saturday, 21 August 2010

Oh to be in England……..

We have just returned from two weeks in the UK, where we were staying with our son and his family to help out whilst his wife was busy giving birth to our lovely new grand daughter. Not really of interest to you Napoleonic Wargaming types, but just in case here is a link

Two weeks is a long time to be separated from our toys, but I did take a laptop with me which had all the Profantasy maps I have been working on. So I spent a lot of time trying to decide how best to use the maps. They are best used on the computer, but I want to use them on my 1813 blog.

I did two types of map. One each of Germany and Spain. When posted on the blog you can not read the names to cities and towns, so I decided that I would need five smaller maps, one for each campaign area.

I started the new 1813 blog when we returned to Spain last Saturday. But when I saw the smaller maps on the blog it was still hard to read the town names. So I enlarged the font on the maps and posted them again.

Then I realised that the map symbols were too large to fit in the 20 mile squares on the maps. I was using the smallest font for the symbols, so I had to redesign them to show “1” rather than “1st corps”. I am pleased with the result, and it has the added advantage that the symbol only covers half of the square, so you can still read the town name underneath.

You can see my progress so far at

Meanwhile our wargaming has suffered; indeed there has not been any. It’s very hot here in Spain, and we usually have a couple of wargame moves each day as the wargames room is the coolest part of the house. So Jan has been complaining that I should get on with the new campaign.

So next week I plan to prepare the fifth stage of the 1813 campaign, which will be Wellington v Soult in North West Spain and will be called Valladolid.. As always I will start a new blog for this mini campaign, and I hope that will appear sometime next week.


  1. Just got back from Spain myself. Seville was wonderful - although as you mentioned, the heat was unbelievable. Did manage to find a model shop located near the famous Cathedral. Plenty of kits, trains and aircraft. A nice little selection of ready painted 50mm(ish) individual figures which included some Napoleonics. Not much else.

    My friend wasn't as militarily inclined as myself, so had to be satisfied with laying in the sun and finishing off 'The Battle' by Alessandro Barbero (a new history of the Battle of Waterloo. I'd strongly advise a purchase if you haven't already got it).

  2. Hi Matt

    We only had a few days in Seville, and we kept busy doing the "tourist things".

    I did ask at the tourist information if there was anything of napoleonic interest, but they did not seem to understand that there had been a Peninsular War.

    I have not read "The Battle", though I have heard of it. I have read so many books about Waterloo, but none have come up to the first one which was called "A Near Run Thing".

    But after your recommendation I will look out for "The Battle"




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