Saturday, 28 August 2010

First blood to the French

The 1814 PBEM campaign has got off to a flying start.

The campaign started with elements of both sides within one days march. I had not really grasped the rules, and my first days orders were required within a few hours of receiving the brief, so I ordered the nearest French to attack the nearest allies.

The aim is to have a campaign move each day, but the next morning I received an email that there would be one days delay to allow for "combat resolution". I had not really expected this, and was more than a little concerned that I might have lost the campaign for the French on the first day.

It was a long 24 hours before I received the result of the combat. And it was a French victory! So an extra glass of wine that night to celebrate.

But I have not deceived myself that this is the first of many such victories. I have still not mastered the combat and points system. My own formations are measured in points, the enemy referred to in intelligence reports in terms of numbers. So I am quite unable to work out the odds before I commit to a battle. So it is only a matter of time before I get a good whipping.

Meanwhile it is good to be involved in a PBEM again. Trying to understand new combat and campaign rules, master a new map and try to sort out a campaign strategy is quite a challenge, and very enjoyable.

I hope that the Gods of War continue to smile on me, and that I am not in deep depression by this time next week.

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