Friday, 25 June 2010

Wargaming in Calasparra

Spent a few days this week with an old wargame buddy who has just moved to Spain with his wife on early retirement. They have moved to Calasparra, a small town about three hours drive south of us.

He has built an extension for his wargames room, and has just unpacked his boxes of figures and scenery. The table is not yet set up, though he has started work on it. He is using a scenery mat, so it will be completely different from my table. I did consider using a mat myself, but then decided to stick with painted scenery boards. They are not as eye catching as an expensive map and good professional roads and rivers, but the boards are very practicable and the maintenance is very simple. Mine have had pretty rough handling for more than four years, and are not showing any signs of wear or tear. If they do it will be a simple task to get some more squares cut and paint them up.

This is his first permanent wargames table and he naturally wants to make sure that he gets it right. We plan to get together for a day or two each month, so it will be very interesting to see how the project turns out.

It will be good to have someone else we can have regular games with. Jan and I have good wargames together, but it would be true to say that we are perhaps too comfortable with each other's style of play.

We are trying to get his wife interested in Napoleonic wargaming. The four of us have played one game together, which she said she enjoyed. But I am not sure whether she was just being polite. It would be great if she did develop an interest, but I appreciate only too well that wargaming is not for everyone.

It will be interesting to see how things develop.


  1. The wargaming table project sounds very interesting. Would be good to see some photos of how you and your friend progress with it, along with any hints and tips you may have.

    I've had a couple over the years, but due to moving residence quite a bit it's not always been possible to find the space. I currently rely on friends with bigger houses and games rooms (and I must say I'm always slightly jealous! Haha).

    Best of luck!

  2. Hi Matt

    I am lucky that I have had a permanent wargames table for quite a few years. However this will be my friends first one.

    I will certainly take some photos for the blog as it takes shape.

    If you would like to see my table go to this link and click on labels 11 and 12



  3. All your blogs have inspired me. My wife has even had me looking at properties in your area!!! Watch this space.

  4. Hi Graham

    Jan and I read your comments together, and she laughed!

    Thanks for the comment, its always nice to receive them.

    And if you are serious about looking in this area I would strongly recommend it. If you are ever in the area do drop in for a cup of tea - or perhaps something stronger



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