Monday 3 May 2010

ProFantasy CC3 Campaign Map

Burgos Campaign Strategic Map

At last I feel I am starting to make some progress in mastering ProFantasy CC3.

I spent a lot of hours trying to extract part of the map of Spain to use as a basis for a more detailed strategic map for my forthcoming Burgos campaign. The ProFantasy forum proved to be helpful as always and referred me to two explanations of how this could be achieved. Unfortunately both proved beyond my capabilities.

Both explained how to do this with CC2, which is the earlier issue of ProFantasy. Whether this is the problem, or whether I am just too dense to understand I am not sure. It is a very complicated system, especially when trying to do something out of the norm. Though I would have thought that taking an extract of a larger map to make a more detailed map is not all that unusual. Whether it was me, or the system, I could not do it.

The good news is that it did not take very long to make a new map of the section I required. This is partly because I had learned more than I realised doing the previous map of all Spain. Also I could use that earlier map as a template for the new map. I am fortunate to have two computers, a laptop and a desktop. I had the map of Spain on the laptop, and drew the Burgos map on the desktop. Because each square is referenced it is easy to enlarge each square as I drew the new map.

Anyway, I am pleased with the end result. This map will be used as the Strategic Map for the campaign. Without ProFantasy it would have looked something like this map, which was the Strategic Map for the Tarragona Campaign.

Taragonna Campaign Strategic Map

My new map may not be perfect, but it is a huge improvement on the hand drawn one. Mind it has taken about four weeks to produce and my hand drawn one took about half an hour! Such is the price of progress.


  1. Nice work on the campaign map. I will be doing one myself for some odd campaigns I do for wargaming!

  2. A nice map indeed... and the next one won't take you 4 weeks.... :o)


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