Wednesday 25 November 2009

New Forum for PBEM Campaign

Now that both sides are in contact along the river Saale in the PBEM campaign there have been a lot of questions raised regarding the rules. At this stage I need quick answers from each player to avoid slowing down the campaign, and these emails require a lot of time and cause delay. Worse, different players often ask the same questions but in a slightly different way, and that requires two long answers.

So I have started a new forum just to deal with the current PBEM campaign. In this way all players can read all questions raised, and also my answers. If they wish they can take part in the discussion, but need not if they don't want to. But all will have the opportunity to read all that is written about the rules and any problems arising from the campaign.

The blog will remain the public record of the campaign, but if anyone would like to follow the background they will find it at:


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