Friday, 9 October 2009

PBEM Campaign - so far so good

I am quite surprised, and very pleased, with how well the campaign is going. It has only been running for four days, but already all ten players seem to have settled into the daily routine of sending movement orders. The two CinC are having a little more trouble, but then again their job is that much more complicated.

Depending on the orders they give today, we may have a battle before the weekend. This would work out well, as it would allow Jan and I to set it up during the weekend break for the players.

I had planned to follow the campaign on the Forum, though not the daily orders and routine admin which would be handled on the blog. But there was some opposition from some members of the Forum who felt it should be on a forum of its own. This quite surprised me, because one of the reasons for opening up the 1813 campaign to PBEM was to encourage interest on the Forum and hopefully result in a little extra posting there. Everything has been very quiet for almost two months.

It was difficult to know how to handle the opposition, without creating more problems. I opted for a poll to see how much opposition there was. This in turn resulted in four or five letters against the whole idea. This put me in a quandary. If I moved the campaign to a new forum I would spend little time on the old forum, and already I am posting almost half of the posts there. This in turn could well lead to the old Forum dying for lack of interest.

After a lot of thought I decided to keep the Campaign on the forum, but to explain my reasons for doing so. I posted a long letter this morning, and the response so far has been favourable. So hopefully the PBEM campaign will achieve the result of raising the profile of the forum.

--> If you are interested you can read about it on the forum here

You will find the blog for the PBEM campaign by pushing the button on the right.

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