Tuesday, 6 October 2009

PBEM Campaign now running

Much to my surprise the PBEM campaign started on time last night. Mind it almost didn't start at all.

There are 10 players spread all over the world. the set up required the two CinC to send out strategic orders to their corps commanders, and copy to me. The first set would include the initial deployment of their HQ and each of their corps. Once I had received these I could set up the campaign map and post it on the blog. Both CinC and each corps commander would then have 24 hours (to allow for the different time zones) to send me their movement orders for the second day. I would update and post the map and so on.

It was all due to start at 10pm central European time last night. But the magic hour came, and went, without the French strategic orders. So instead of posting the first map I had to post a delay and send emails asking for a substitute CinC. Minutes later the delayed orders arrived!!

So it started on time, or more or less. I await 10pm tonight with some anxiety to see whether the 10 emails will all have arrived with the movement orders for day two.

I suppose these "teething problems" are quite normal. But this is my first attempt to run a PBEM campaign, and I had not anticipated that it would be so complicated. I am sure it will be worth all the hassle when the campaign gets going.

If you would like to read the daily updated just click on PBEM Magdeburg Campaign on the right.

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