Tuesday, 20 October 2009

PBEM 1813 Campaign

After a week's break to fight the first campaign battle as a wargame we were ready to start again last night.

There has been yet another change which I explained yesterday, namely move three squares for one campaign day. Despite this most of the players sent in their movement email on time, but a couple did not. I expect that they are confused - and who could blame them!

Jan and I had already finished wargaming the second battle of the campaign, and I had written the battle report. But changing to three map moves a day meant that players could move their corps into the battle. So Jan and I had to start the wargame again.

For the time being the battle reports will be slightly different. We will only be wargaming the campaign battles. The battle reports will be in much more detail, so that players can understand what is happening. I will also be putting them on the blog as instalments rather than a complete battle report. This is because they would be very long and complicated to put on as one battle report. And if I put it all on too soon the campaign players will react. If I put them on too late they will have gone onto the next battle and will have lost interest.

I am not sure whether the new battle reports will be an improvement or not. Perhaps you could let me know when they start to appear.

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