Tuesday 4 August 2009

Visitor Time

It may be quiet on here for the next two to three weeks. We are now into the visitor season, and living in Spain most come to us rather than we go to them!

We have two good friends arriving today. They have bought a house further down the coast, but are not living here full time yet. Paul is an old wargaming friend, and I have set up a game to keep us occupied whilst the ladies keep cool in the pool or get up to date on the the latest news on the naya with a glass of wine.

Next week my son and family arrive. We have a three year old grandson and when he is here there is no time for anything else. The house is converted into one big three year old play area. From first thing in the morning, until he goes to bed at night, all is bedlam and noise and dashing about and his favourite dvd on the TV. We love it, but it does not leave any spare time, or energy, for the blog.

Will post when I get a chance.

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