Monday, 10 August 2009

House Fighting Rules

Jan and I have just finished a 12 move game, almost all of which involved fighting for a town. I am really pleased because it is the hardest test so far for our rules for this hardest of wargaming tasks. And they have come through with flying colours.

Under our rules each general has a maximum of 8 "pips" to issue orders and a minimum of 4 "pip". If he has two infantry brigades within 4" of each other, he can swop them around for the loss of 3 "pips" - quite a high cost.

If infantry are on Attack orders when they assault a town, there is one set of rules. If they are on Engage orders there is a different set . In the latter each side needs a total of 6 to kill an enemy, and they must then make their morale. So house fighting is likely to go on for longer. That is what happened in this game.

You can't read the battle report yet, it has not been typed up. But I was so pleased that I wanted to tell you all!!

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