Sunday, 14 June 2009

Blog Review 11

1813 campaign
Nothing added to the campaign this week, as all of the background has now been done. The campaign rules, wargame rules, armies, order of battle and campaign history are now complete, except for updating and perhaps minor amendments.

Magdeburg campaign


Again the blog is up to date and the previous battle reports and campaign history are complete. Jan and I have been playing the battle of Magdeburg, which looks like being the biggest and last battle of the campaign. It is very hot in Spain now, and we usually only play one or two moves at a time. I am posting a battle report of each move on the blog and will do a summary of the battle, and the campaign, when we have finished.

Wargaming in Spain
This is the blog I have worked most on this week. It is the archive of the battle reports of the games we have played since we arrived in Spain in 2006. I have usually written a battle report, particularly if they were part of a campaign. So there are quite a few to enter. I usually type up two or three a week.

Walking Napoleonic Battlefields

The latest one is Badajoz. Writing the blog reminded me of what a strange town it is, and how the visit left me with memories of a sad and depressing place. Its also the only location that I have never had any inclination to revisit.

Plans for next week
As the Magdeburg campaign draws to a close, I have been very busy preparing for the next stage of the 1813 Campaign, which will be the Tarragona Campaign. Set in north west Spain it will deal with the Spanish attempts to prevent Marshal Suchet sending assistance to Marshal Soult in north east Spain where Wellington is preparing to drive the French out of Spain.

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