Friday, 15 May 2009

Blog Review 6

Another very busy week, with yet again more visitors. This is our third set of visitors in just over a month. I think when they "booked" they must have been expecting a wet and miserable April/May in UK, but from what I see on UK TV the weather seems to have been pretty good. Its nice to have visitors, but it does mean that our wargame suffers big time.

However I have managed to do some work on the blogs.

I am redoing the model soldier collection blog. I want to put the photographs and orders of battle closer together, so that anyone checking out a particular corps will find the details easier. So far I have completed the 15mm and hope to do the 25mm next week.

I have also put another battle report on the Magdeburg campaign blog. Yet another new layout tested. Still not sure it is quite right. We have started another wargame in the same campaign, probably the final one. It is a 15mm game and involves all four corps on each side, so it will be a pretty complicated table. I am going to try something new with the battle report. I will again write it as the CinC which I play in the game, so it will be a one sided battle report. I will take three photographs at the start of each move, so that the whole table is shown. I will then write a blog for each move. Not at all sure what it will look like. But it will give me the opportunity to explain each move in a lot of details, and back it up with a set of photographs. Also it will mean that I should be able to publish a blog pretty well each day.

I have also reorganised the Paul and Jan in Spain blog. My original idea was to do it from the day we arrived in Spain. But it is taking much longer to catch up than I anticipated. So I have broken it into three blogs. The first will cover looking for a house in Spain, up to our move here in March 2006. The second will continue 2006, but will only last for that year. I have also now started one for 2009, which I should be able to bring up to date pretty soon. Therefore there will eventually be one blog for each year.

So that is the plan for the coming week. Lets see how it works out.

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