Sunday, 13 May 2018

Fighting in a Built Up Area (BUA)

Move 5

French move first
Artillery fire on British gunners
2D6 require12, get 3, no casualties

29 brigade fire on 1 British brigade
1D6 need 6, get 5, no casualties

Lancers charge 1 infantry brigade
Infantry test to react
1D6 need 4, get 4, form square when lancers at half move

British hussars test morale to counter charge
1D6 need 2, get 2, charge when French at half move

French lancers adjust to meet British Hussars and melee
2D6 total 7, result draw, no casualties both sides disordered

British move second
Artillery fire on 29 brigade in farm
2D6 need 9, get 5, no casualties

3 infantry form square in case hussars lose melee

The French cavalry charge is a desperate measure
The infantry only need 4 to form square
In addition the nearby British cavalry only need 2 to counter charge
With both sides on Engage orders the result of cavalry melee is ineffective
If one were on Attack orders it would be more decisive
At the end of the melee both cavalry brigades are disordered
If their commander is within 8” (command range) they rally automatically at end of move
If not they must return to command range the next move
In this case the British are within command range, the French are not

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