Sunday, 21 August 2016

Wargames Scenery

Coaching Inn ready for painting
After many years of scratch building wargame buildings Jan has pretty well run out of new projects.   You can only use so many buildings on the table.   We have organised our collection of buildings to provide cities, towns and villages for both northern Europe and Spain.   All built up areas are based on 12”x12” squares of material, light brown for towns and green for farms.   One square in a village, two a town and four a city.   
New walls and outbuildings
All buildings are free standing, so that they can be removed if necessary to allow for fighting within the built up area.   We made a mass of walls and hedges, both Spanish and Germanic, so that we could make different farm layouts.  However we soon found that the walls would keep falling over, or would not fit the required shape.

Painted complex (including horse shoes over the stable doors)
So this summer we have been planning a selection of permanent villages and farms.   We now have four villages, two Spanish and two Germanic, each with a church and two or three small buildings.   Very little work involved, mostly a new paint job so that each is a slightly different colour.
Finished Coaching Inn

The farms were a little more work.   We decided to make them in three sections, to make them easier to store.   The farm building is one and the walls or hedges a left and a right section.   So the whole fits together much better, and are less likely to fall over.
A 28mm Napoleon inspects his overnight accommodation
Jan make the coaching inn last year, but we never really found a use for it.   We had planned it to be part of a German style town, but it does not really fit with the rest of the medieval type buildings.   So we decided to add walls and outbuildings and make it a standalone feature.  

For the past three months our dining room table has been covered in a wide assortment of card, balsa wood, paint and miscellaneous building materials.   Our son and his family arrive tomorrow for their annual two weeks in the sun (they live north of Newcastle!).   Needless to say the whole house have to be cleaned and made child proof (children are 10 years, 6 years and 1 year).   Fortunately the building project was completed just in time, the finishing touches added this morning in fact.