Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Fighting in a Built Up Area (BUA)

Move 6

British move first
Hussars are within command range and rally between moves
Artillery fire on farm, 1D6 require 9, roll 6, no casualties
Cavalry continue melee, 2D6+1, roll 8, lancers retire 8” shaken

French move second
Artillery fire on gunners, 2D6 requires 12, roll 12, hit cause 10% casualties
British gunners test morale, 1D6, require 3, roll 4, pass morale but disordered
32 infantry form square in case lancers rout
29 infantry (garrison) fire, 1D6, require 6, roll 3, no casualties

British hussar winning melee puts French at a serious disadvantage
If they cannot rally shaken lancers their infantry will be pinned by hussars
Hussar victory also means that British infantry can continue their attack on farm

Loss of British gunners gives French artillery superiority
The British will be minus 1 on all firing and morale tests
However they have already weakened French garrison
And they would have to move to allow infantry to storm farm
So not as serious as the cavalry victory

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