Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Fighting in a Built Up Area (BUA)

Move 1

French move first
French do not want to redeploy until they see how the British advance
It is a disadvantage for them to move first this time

British move second
British advance full move and deploy cavalry on their right
All are still outside French artillery range and cavalry charge range

The French have to deploy first, because they are defending
The British can take advantage of any weakeness when they deploy
They have used the farm to shield most of their infantry from the French gunners
The side which moves first has the advantage of movement and combat first
However in this case they want to see what the British will do before they redeploy


Robert (Bob) Cordery said...


I look forward to the next part in a state of great anticipation!

All the best,


thistlebarrow said...

Hi Bob

Thanks for your comment, and glad you are enjoying it

It gets more complicated as it goes on, and (I hope) more interesting

I started just wanting to explain how the BUA fighting works. But as the game goes on I realised that all of the other combat is important to the BUA part. For example artillery casualties to reserves removes them from supporting the garrison of BUA.

Hope that you continue to enjoy the game