Sunday, 6 May 2018

Fighting in a Built Up Area (BUA)

Move 2

British move first
British artillery unlimber at short range to the farm
Remainder of corps remain stationary, out of artillery and cavalry range

French move second
French man handle guns forward into long range of British gunners
Lancers move forward, but halt out of charge range of British cavalry

The British have the advantage that the farm is nearer than the French battle line
The French artillery and cavalry are too far away to interfere with their deployment
Normally it would not be possible to unlimber artillery at short range
They can cause damage to the garrison without any danger to themselves
To counter this the French have moved their artillery forward
They can now fire on the British gunners
Counter battery fire is not very effective, but is better than nothing
They have also moved their cavalry forward
This is to deter the British infantry moving forward
Neither side want to lose their cavalry early in the game
To do so would allow the other side to manoeuvre at will
It would also put their infantry at risk of cavalry attack

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