Friday, 22 May 2009

Blog Review 8

Blog Index

I have changed the blogs yet again, this time to introduce an index list by using the Labels. Each blog now has a contents list as follows:

Napoleonic Wargaming Blog

1 – Making a Campaign Map

2 – Making a Strategic Map

3 – Making a Tactical Map

4 – Campaign Objectives

5 – Campaign Armies

6 – Campaign Movement

7 – Wargame Rules

8 – Blog Reviews

1813 Campaign Blog

1 – Introduction

2 – Rule 1 – Campaign Aims

2 – Rule 2 – Strategic Phase

2 – Rule 3 – Tactical Phase

2 – Rule 4 – Wargames

2 – Rule 5 – Administration

3 – Germany

3 – Spain

4 – Campaign Diary

1813 Magdeburg Campaign Blog

1 – Campaign Background

1 – French Army

2 – Prussian Army

3 – Battle of Cable

4 – Battle of Halbeck

5 – Battle of Helmstedt

1813 Campaign Armies

1 – Building an Army

2 – Organisation of Armies

3 – 25mm Allied Armies

4 – 25mm French Armies

5 – 15mm Allied Armies

6 – 15mm French Armies

Change of Name

I have also changed the names of two blogs, although the contents remain the same. I have changed Model Soldier Collection to 1813 Campaign Armies, and 1813 North Germany to 1813 Magdeburg Campaign.

Battle Reports

I am still playing around with the Battle Reports, but I feel I am at last getting there. I am quite pleased with the idea of one blog for each move of the latest battle, which is Helmstedt. I have decided to write the battle report as one of the commanders, but to take photographs from both sides of the table. I will print the first set before the battle report, and the second set after. The report itself will be in the order that the chips are drawn, and each move will refer to the photographs which shows it. I have gone back and amended each battle report for Helmstedt.

For the future I am going to change the identity chips to show the corps name. At present they are numbered 1 to 6 for one side, and 7 to 12 for the other. The aim is to hide the identity. But it makes it very difficult to identify a particular corps in the battle report and the appropriate photograph.

Walking Napoleonic Battlefields

I have actually finished all of the blogs I intended to do for Waterloo. But I do have photographs of the allied left flank which might be interesting to show. Unfortunately I do not have any photographs which I took when visited it in 1971. But it seems a shame not to include them, as this is a less well known section of this very well known battlefield. So I will "publish and be damned".

This series have been very well received, and I have had more feedback than any other blog. Not only on the blog itself, but also on the two forum I use.


I hope that I will be able to stop tinkering with the blogs now for a while. The problem is that I knew very little about Blogging before I started this last month, so it has been very much a steep learning curve for me. And as I go along I keep getting ideas which I feel will improve the blog, or make it easier to understand.

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