Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Blog Review 7

Change of format for battle reports

Still not happy with the format of the battle reports, so I have changed them again!

From the latest report, Battle of Helmstedt Move 3, there will be six photographs with each report. Three will cover the allied side of the table, and three the French side.

The battle report itself will follow the move chips drawn for each move. For anyone who does not understand I should explain. There is one chip for each command in the battle, plus one Poor card and one Gifted card for each side (if they have a Gifted commander). They are placed in a hat and drawn at random. When the chip is drawn that commander has his go. The sequence can have a big effect on the game, and I felt the battle report did not make sense without it.

I have also gone back and amended moves 1 and 2. However as I did not take photographs of the French side when we played those moves, there are only three photographs of these moves, all from the Prussian side. You may wish to look at them again, as I hope that they will be easier to understand now.

I hope that the new format will make it easier to follow the flow of the game.

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