Friday, 1 June 2018

Fighting in a Built Up Area (BUA)

Move 12

British move first
Gunners and Portuguese infantry are the only formations not in rout
However both are shaken and cannot accept new orders until rallied

Infantry test morale for shaken
1D6 need 8, roll 4, fail and rout

Gunners test morale for shaken
1D6 need 8, roll 2, fail and rout

The whole British corps is now in rout

French move second
Lancers are disordered and out of command range
They return to corps commander and will rally at end of this move
Until then they are unable to pursue routed British

Artillery fire on 4 Portuguese brigade
2D6 need 9, roll 10, hit and another 10% casualties
Portuguese already in rout and do not need to take morale

30 infantry complete occupation of farm

29, 31 and 32 infantry continue to rout


The game has ended in a comprehensive French victory.
Infantry, supported by cavalry and artillery, hold the farm

The entire British corps is in rout

French have lost 3700 casualties
British have lost 4300 casualties

In the next blog I will show casualties by brigade and explain the effect on the campaign.

Link to Wargame Rules

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